Colleen Simon’s story

Colleen Simon and her wife

A friend of mine recently asked me what my thoughts were considering what I had gone through in the last year (being fired from a Catholic parish, since my marriage “goes against the teachings of the Church.”) I tried to tell her what it felt like, being rejected, outcast and shunned. The hurt I felt having the church of Christ act in a non-Christian way. Furthermore, people who spoke of social justice and changes needed in the church turned and defended the church’s actions in firing me. And lastly the feeling of sadness that I was no longer able to serve the people of the parish and the clients that I had grown to love.

The Catholic Church has left behind people like me, labelling us “intrinsically disordered.” In choosing to be honest with myself and others when I took this job, I left behind years of constantly guarding what I share about myself and who I love and what I believe. When you are constantly hiding some part of yourself from the world, you begin to feel shame and guilt. I should not have shame about who I am. I am made wondrously in God’s image. I should not feel guilty about who I love, as God loves everyone.

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