When Will the Catholic Church Stop Firing Gays?

Margie Winters

When Will the Catholic Church Stop Firing Gays?

Philadelphia teacher Margie Winters was fired for being a married lesbian. Far from becoming more open, the Catholic Church is doubling down on its homophobia.

By Ben Brenkert

In a sense Nell Stetser, the principal of Waldron Mercy Academy, a Roman Catholic elementary school in Philadelphia, did her job.

She fired Margie Winters for not following the official Church teaching on same-sex love and same-sex sexual relationships.

Stetser faithfully followed the teachings of the Church as outlined in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.

It’s not her fault that she had to do her job. Winters is a married lesbian: she is the person not living a “rightly ordered Catholic lifestyle.” She’s the most recent LGBTQ person (sic scapegoat) to be fired by a Roman Catholic institution.

Why the public outrage over the firing? First, the employees, parents, and children at Waldron Mercy Academy are rightly upset because Margie Winters dedicated her life to forming the spiritual and intellectual lives of her school’s students.

In firing Winters, the Catholic school is unequivocally informing LGBTQ persons that they cannot under any circumstances contribute to the spiritual or intellectual formation of children.

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