Church Workers


If you are a current or former employee who has been unjustly fired from a Catholic institution because of your sexual orientation or gender identity, please know that you are not alone. Below we have compiled some resources to help you navigate these difficult times and figure out your next steps.

Know your legal rights.

What does state and federal law say about employment discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity? How do “religious freedom” protections affect your employment at a Catholic institution?

What does canon law say?

Canon law is the code of ecclesiastical laws that govern the Catholic Church. It has consistently changed and evolved over time, and it calls for the protection of basic worker rights.

What does our theology teach?

Catholic theology has a rich tradition surrounding the dignity of work, the rights of workers, and justice for the marginalized.

What does the laity think about the Church’s treatment of its workers?

The majority of Catholics support equal workplace protections for LGBT+ people. In fact, many theologians, prominent Catholic thinkers, and lay-lead Catholic groups have spoken out publicly about this issue.

Hear our stories.

You are not alone. Countless others have been unjustly fired from fulfilling jobs and separated from communities that they love.

Find legal help.

Several non-profit organizations exist that might represent you pro bono, or connect you with free or low-cost legal resources.

Talk to someone nearby.

We have worked to create a network of individuals across the country who can offer spiritual guidance in times of crisis, who are familiar with local resources, and who can help you make the connections you need to move forward. Reach out to us, and we’ll connect you with someone who will listen.